Digitally In-Com-pl-ete

Getting customer transactions to completion is the toughest battle companies face today. Here's how to win.


Go Beyond Point Solutions and Partial Digital Measures.

For all our talk about digital transformation, a half-baked digital strategy for customer interactions is killing companies’ business.
The coronavirus pandemic surfaced the flaws and limitations of our current customer-facing processes — but the problem transcends the crisis. Businesses still don’t offer the seamless, convenient, and remote interactions that Amazon delivers — and customers have come to expect. 

But there is a way forward. In this book, you’ll learn why the routine failure of customers to complete interactions is such a problem, and what we can do about it.

What will you learn from this book?

Why customer interactions are taking so long to complete — or aren’t getting completed at all.
Why investing in backend technology and standalone digital tools isn’t enough.
The strategies that help enterprises accelerate time to completion.

What’s inside

  • The evolution of customer needs
  • How the day has come for digitizing front-office interactions
  • Why previous attempts at digitizing haven’t brought the results we seek
  • Understanding if your business is built for digital completion
  • The principles of digital completion
  • Essential capabilities for fostering more complete digital journeys

Who should read this book?

CEOs, VPs and Senior Executives
  • Learn how to build a business that’s built for completion

  • Discover best practices to accelerate customer-facing interactions while ensuring maximum compliance

  • Learn which digital transformation projects to prioritize


CTOs and Senior Technical Teams
  • Understand how to easily implement solutions that fit into your existing business systems

  • Discover why some solutions will need to be fast-tracked to ensure faster ROI

  • Enable the company to rely less on development and IT effort, and more on automation


Business Owners
  • Learn how to optimize customer and employee satisfaction

  • Discover the actions you can take now to close sales and servicing cycles faster


CX Professionals & Call Center Managers
  • Learn how to ensure all remote customer interactions remain secure and compliant 

  • Discover how to maintain exceptional customer experiences while processing more interactions

  • Learn how to increase conversion rates and decrease call times

About The Author

Zviki Ben Ishay
Co-Founder & CEO Lightico

Zviki Ben Ishay founded Lightico after 17 years of helping businesses improve the way they service and sell their customers –– with an emphasis on using technology to simplify customer journeys. Ben Ishay has done this in several roles, and from many angles including effective interaction management, compliance assurance, and fostering customer delight.

When the smartphone era began in the late 2000s, it was clear that soon customers would expect to do everything on that new supercomputer in the palm of their hands.

Since founding Lightico, Ben Ishay has held countless conversations with executives, middle managers, and operational employees to better understand their challenges with the new mobile consumer. In parallel, his analysis of consumer interactions has clarified the challenge of completing business with today’s distracted and on-the-go customers. Lightico was established to help businesses complete their customers’ digital journeys at unprecedented speed and scale.


How much time will it take me to read this book?

The book has 117 pages, so it should take you about 4 to 6 hours. I value your time, so you can finish it over a weekend.

Is bulk pricing available?

Yes. If you’re buying more than four copies for your contacts, employees or event attendees reach out to me for special bulk pricing.

How environmentally sustainable is the product?

The paperback is print-on-demand, which means that each copy is printed for each order. This method eliminates waste and the need for storage space. I suggest you buy the digital copy rather than the print version. If you buy a print version please consider reselling it on eBay or Amazon later.

I’m a non-native English speaker. Will I be able to understand this book?

I’m a non-native English speaker as well but this book has been professionally edited and we have worked hard to make it accessible for native and non-native speakers. Read the first pages using the "Look inside" feature on Amazon page of the book to see if you’re comfortable with the level of complexity.

I have a question. How can I contact you?

Please contact me via email at