[On-demand Webinar]

Trends or Hype - What's Ahead for CX Technology?

Anytime - (Length 35 Min)

How have industry-leading CX professionals seen companies advance their technologies and workflow automation during the pandemic? How does using technology help improve customer experiences and drive better metrics?

Join us for this summit unveiling trends and what’s ahead for CX technology. We will learn how this technology can be harnessed to delight customers while improving efficiencies.

In under 60 minutes, we’ll cover:
  • What your business needs to consider when evaluating new CX technology.
  • How your business can go digital but still remain personal to your customers.
  • Learn what CX leaders should do in 2022 to stay ahead of the game.

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Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services



Sue Duris

Founding Principal, M4 Communications, Inc.



Nate Brown

Senior Director of CX, Arise



Martin Hill-Wilson

Founder, Brainfood Consulting



Graeme Gilovitz

(Moderator) Global Sales Development Director, Lightico