[Live Webinar]

New Stats Reveal: 7 Challenges (And 7 Solutions) Facing Contact Centre Leaders

November 25th, 2021, 12 PM GMT (London)

Contact centre leaders are facing an impossible multi-front battle:

Business leaders are pressing for higher SLA with tightening budgets. Operationally, they are juggling a hybrid work-from-home reality and fighting the “Great Resignation” that impairs advisor tenure and performance.

These are harsh realities. And nearly impossible to address with our current approach.

However, there are several key digital interventions that are proving invaluable for advisor efficiency and satisfaction. AND they drive business results.

In this live web session, lead researchers will share the data and tools of how to move contact centres and advisors forward.

Join this 30-minute session to learn:
  • Data behind the new reality facing customers and their call centre journeys
  • Top proven interventions that can drive FCR, NPS, and eNPS
  • The business case for intervention: as quantified by Forrester analysts
  • How to quickly realize your contact centre’s potential

Leor Melamedov
Media Communications, Lightico