Live Webinar

How to Build a Recession-Proof Tech Stack

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 | 12PM EST, 9AM PST

Join executives at Lightico, Glia, Mitek and Twilio who will share their insights on:

- What differentiates essential from nice-to-have software?
- The software most needed during a recession?
- How to spot a strong vendor that will ride the current wave?

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Sep 20th-2022
Sep 20th-2022

Join the webinar on September 20th with:

Elias David
Regional Vice President, Twilio
Rick DeLisi
Author and Lead Research Analyst, Glia
Rich Corriss
Regional VP of Customer Success, Lightico
Gaby Young
(Moderator) Director of Marketing, Lightico
Adam Bacia
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Mitek Systems

An economic downturn calls for a careful reevaluation of the current tech stack. There’s no room for bloat, and only software that brings direct, measurable added value should survive the chopping block.

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