[Live Webinar]

How Sloppy Forms Are Killing Call Center KPIs

January 20th, 2022 (12 PM EST)

Even after a contact center call ends, there’s often no resolution. Often, the customer has to submit follow-up information via email or other channels.

Unfortunately, this entails chasing customers for forgotten forms, and requesting forms to be resubmitted due to incorrect or incomplete information.

But the most efficient contact center leaders have ways to crack this. They enable their customers to instantly submit information while on a call with a contact center agent. With eForms, the sale or servicing cycle is finalized when customer interest and attention is highest.

This is first-call resolution (FCR). And it’s every call center manager’s dream.

By using smart eForms during calls, agents can also slash the length of their call. They simply guide customers through the mobile-optimized forms and ensure everything is submitted quickly (and error-free).

This is reduced average handling time (AHT) — another dream that can now be realized.

Join Lightico’s live webinar to discover:
  • How after-call form submission hurts your FCR, AHT, and NPS
  • How in-call eForms can boost efficiency and delight customers
  • Unique eForm features that turbocharge interactions — from conditional logic to pre-populated fields.
  • The ROI of eForms, from Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI)

Leor Melamedov
Director of Communications, Lightico