[On-Demand Webinar]

How Digital T&Cs Can Slash AHT, Boost Compliance, and increase NPS

Let’s face it. Call center agents reading out terms and conditions can be a major time drain. It’s also prone to error, misunderstanding, and compliance lapses. Agents are at risk for misreading disclosures, and customers are at risk of misunderstanding them.

But there is a better way.

Digital terms and conditions allow agents to collect instant consent from their customers’ mobile phones and slash call times by 25%

In this  webinar attendees will access key insights on:
  • How to ensure 100% compliance on T&C disclosures
  • How to reduce AHT by 25%
  • The impact on both customer NPS and agent NPS (eNPS)

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Leor Melamedov

Head Financial Services Researcher

For over five years, Leor has been uncovering and covering the latest trends in technology. She is Lightico's in-house expert on illuminating ideas, best practices, and innovations in call centers and in CX. Prior to joining Lightico, Leor was a writer and researcher at Medallia (NYSE: MDLA), where she worked with Ipsos and Forrester on producing world-class insights on CX in finance, insurance, and other highly regulated industries.