[Live Webinar]

4 Afflictions & Antidotes for Insurance CIOs to Maximize Business Value

January 6th, 2022, 12 PM EST

The line between CIO and COO is evaporating: More than ever insurers are looking to their CIOs not just to streamline backend operations, but to identify the strategies and technologies that can unleash productivity, power business growth, and strengthen business continuity.

This webinar breaks down the top barriers insurance CIOs face today, and how they can intelligently focus digital transformation priorities to speed efficiency throughout their organization in ways that directly impact the bottom line.

This session uncovers:
  • The silos and legacy processes plaguing current operations with IT dependencies, manual breakpoints, and compliance risks
  • How CIOs can accelerate business processes and slash operational costs with data agility and digitization of insurance documents 
  • The power of no-code automation capabilities to eliminate IT burden and accelerate processes and sales cycles
  • Opportunities for vendor consolidation to ensure compliance and securely scale data across the organization

David Abbou
Media Communications, Lightico