The Digital First Bank that Established Banks Should Be Afraid Of

First Aired on January 5th 2022

How do digital-first banks still manage to maintain personal and trust-based relationships with their customers? And what can traditional banks learn from this model?

In this webinar, Corey Leblanc, Chief Operations and Technology Officer designate of Locality Bank IO in conversation with Eytan Morgenstern, Director of Data and Communications, Lightico, will tell the story of a cloud-native, digital-first community that’s setting a new standard in American consumer banking. 

About Corey LeBlanc

Corey LeBlanc is a catalyst for the advancement of banking technology strategy and customer experience. His work focuses on developing strategic roadmaps that align digital initiatives with business-wide objectives, cultivating internal/external partnerships, and leveraging a data-driven approach to digital utilization. His efforts are less about the technology delivered and more about the experiences created and the value added. He brings over 20 years of enterprise information technology experience with a 14-year career in banking.

Join Lightico’s live webinar to discover:
  • How to leverage technology to enhance the customer experience
  • Whether to build or buy technology and innovation
  • How challenger banks can compete with large established banks
  • How large established banks with legacy systems can implement small technological changes that have a big impact on ROI and customer experience

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Corey LeBlanc
Co-Founder, Locality Bank


Eytan Morgenstern
Director of Communications, Lightico