On Demand Webinar:
The State of Digital Lending in Auto Finance
*Updated to reflect the COVID19 Pandemic

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Guest  Speaker

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Glenn Munro, Strategic Advisor at Lightico

Glenn has been a leader in the auto lending space for over 30 years, holding various senior roles at captive finance companies, a nationally chartered bank, and a highly publicized auto finance startup. 

Today’s auto finance companies are being measured against digital-first companies like Amazon, who have taught customers to always expect fast, mobile service. Unfortunately, auto finance companies still require lengthy physical paperwork to get loans approved.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What today’s on-the-go consumers expect from their auto loan application: speed, digitization, and efficiency
  • How Generation Z and lower-income borrowers suffer the most from slow stip collection and excessive paperwork, and why that matters
  • How digitizing the stip, form, and signature collection process can help lenders improve key KPIs


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