Looking to Deploy PPP Faster and More Efficiently?

We partner with Banks and CUs to help them efficiently deploy
SBA PPP loans, and other loan products. 

Here is how Happy State Bank did it.

Here's how we can help you.

Integrated into your system, our digital layer helps you collect customer paperwork - like forms, signatures, IDs and documents remotely and simply (without the need for site visits or printers). 

We are taking upon ourselves to get businesses like yours up and operational within 72 hours and giving a month free.

If this can help your business and your customers in these turbulent times, schedule a time to talk by choosing a date and time that is convenient for you on the calendar. --->

  • Process critical PPP and other loan applications in uncertain times
  • Manage the increase in requests efficiently and remotely
  • Get started free of charge within 72 hours

Maintain Sales & Service

Instantly complete business-critical customer processes during this difficult time.

Help Your Customer

Intuitive, agent-guided collaboration ensures customers receive the service they expect, wherever they are.

Empower Your Team - Even Remotely

Eliminate friction and frustration in customer calls and enable your teams to provide the very best service they can.

The World’s Leading Brands Choose Lightico as their Digitization Partner