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Let’s Get Ready for ITC: What’s on Your Innovation Agenda?

September 8th, 2022 | 12:00 Noon EST | 9:00 am PST | 5:00 pm UK



As we prepare ourselves for a busy conference season, we ask: What customer-centric insurance innovation demands attention?

If you are obsessed with your customer, believe in customer journey betterment, but are intimidated by the plethora of technologies and innovation on the marketplace, look no further.

Over the course of 45 minutes our panel will discuss what’s hot and what’s not on the insurance industry innovation agenda. Make sure you focus your efforts and investigate the technologies and processes that will impact your business and revolutionize your customer experiences.

  • Further your quest for simplicity for the customer’s sake as we focus on onboarding innovation and technologies that are supercharging conversion rates
  • Discover fresh approaches to creating clarity in your insurance product that really speaks to your customer
  • Reap the rewards of personalization by layering data-fuelled insights onto your customers’ behaviors and demands
  • Create your "must-investigate wishlist" of technologies and innovation for Q3 so that your 2023 becomes a game changer for your business

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Discover what technologies are a must- and which tech is being factored into customer journeys right now and causing a huge impact…

We discuss telematics, AI, big data, analytics, new methods in engagement and communication and much more… Tune in, and find out how these technologies are being married to human expertise to maximize the effectiveness of the insurance customer journey.

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graham proud
Graham Proud

CEO & Founder @The Lighthouse Collective

Chad Sands

IT Leader and Architect @ State Farm Insurance

Luis H. Gomez

SVP, Digital Product Management @ Marsh McLennan

Pete Frey

Assistant Vice President @ Great American Insurance Group