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Join us for the third Digital Banking Virtual Summit on December 1st to learn from industry leaders

Patrick Sells
Chief Innovation Officer at NYDIG
Cassi Chandler
Founder & CEO of Vigeo Alliance, Former FBI Agent, SVP at Bank of America
Dan Smith
EVP, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Consumer Bankers Association
Tim Lloyd
Threat Finance and Cyber-Intel Investigative Writer, Shadow Banker
Daniel Bookstaber
VP Markets at
Liat Shetret
Senior Advisor for Crypto Policy and Regulation at Elliptic
Julian Sevillano
Managing Director, Head of Digital Assets Group at Promontory Financial Group
Gary Nuttall
Top 100 Blockchain Influencer, Emerging Technology Consultant
Rick DeLisi
Author and Lead Research Analyst at Glia
Corey LeBlanc
Co-Founder, Locality Bank
Charles Jones
Senior Product Owner at Nymbus
John Fernandez
Senior Vice President, Marketing at Glia
Jake Levant
Forbes Contributor, Tech Adviser & Vice President at Lightico
Gaby Young
Summit Host & Director at Lightico
Eytan Morgenstern
Director Media Communications, Lightico


Welcome - Welcome & Opening Remarks
Gaby Young, Summit Host
Session 1 - Data Doesn’t Lie: See what 78% of American Bankers are Doing Digitally
Eytan Morgenstern, Director of Communications at Lightico
Session 2 -

Bitcoin for Bankers
Patrick Sells, Dan Bookstaber, Liat Shetret, Gary Nuttall, and Julian Sevillano. Moderated by:
Tim Lloyd

Session 3 - Banking on a Cloud: 5 Steps to Evaluate Innovation
Rich Corriss, Rick DeLisi, and Charles Jones. Moderated by: Jake Levant
Session 4 - Banking for the Unbanked
Cassie Chandler & Dan Smith
Session 5 -

Innovation Showcase

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