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Connecting America's Most Innovative Auto Lenders

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Rob Watson
Rob Watson

Business Development Manager - Consumer Vehicle Lending

Doug Marohn

President / CEO

Kyle 2
Kyle Dietrich

Senior Vice President - Originations

Brian Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Parry

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Shine

Senior Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Fixed Ops Journal

Nick Zulovich

Auto Finance & Retail | Marketing & Business Development | Data & Regulatory Trends

Leor Melamedov
Leor Melamedov

Summit Host

Eytan Morgenstern

Media Relations and Data Director

Jake Levant

Forbes Contributor, Tech Adviser & VP Communications

Biden-Era Auto Lending

With the new US administration and regulators, Auto lenders have yet another set of challenges to manage. This compounds the business turbulence created managing customers' post-covid hopes and high digital expectations. Join auto-lending leaders in the discussion about how to manage the opportunities and challenges ahead.


Welcome & Opening Remarks
Auto Data Trends: What Customers Expect in a Post Pandemic World
with Jake Levant and Eytan Morgenstern
Digitization Sweet Spots: Changing Regulation and Expectations
with Rob Watson, Kyle Dietrich and Brian Jones - Moderated by Dan Shine
Digital Auto Finance Innovation Showcase
The Corona Impact: How Auto Lenders Can Balance Human Touch with Digital Realities
with Doug Marohn, and Daniel Parry - Moderated by Nick Zulovich

Connect with America's Most Innovative Auto Lenders