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Insurers - Amazon is charging hard. Here’s your battle plan.

Lemonade, Next and Hippo have stirred the insurance industry. But Amazon’s coming will quickly shake out the winners and losers.

Gaby Young leads a discussion on the digital threats and opportunities coming and how leading insurers are getting ahead of the curve. Gaby speaks with Insurance Advisor Kaenan Hertz and Forbes Contributor, Jake Levant about the ease and ROI of adding digitally complete interactions to legacy businesses.

This discusses the advantages of automation and digital for streamlining policy sales and claims.

In this session you will learn:
  • The source of competitive advantage underpinning Amazon and its insurtech peers
  • The hidden costs of digitally incomplete solutions and manual processes
  • How and why others are prioritizing fully digital and automated processes for customer experience
  • What methodologies and tools they are using to address this challenge
  • How to begin to use digitally complete solutions for a competitive market advantage
  • Automated workflows that will help reduce operating expenses, increase accuracy, and better underwriting.

Jake Levant

VP Marketing

Kaenan Hertz

Managing Partner

Insurtech Advisors LLC

Headshot 1-1
Gaby Young

Director of Marketing Communications